We review the best vaporizers on the market today. The price compared to the experience and results is our major goal with our vaporizer ratings.

Our goal at Vapor Domain is to make sure you get what you are looking for without paying too much for an equal or lesser performing vape. Read the reviews and make sure you get the best vaporizer for the money in 2015 and into 2016.

Happy Vaping!

Our Top Picks For The Best Vaporizers

V2 Pro Series 3

V2 Pro Series 3 Review

The V2 brand is known for high quality wares and their new Pro Series is no exception. The Series 3 pen has already been released and 2 more models will follow this fall and winter.


DaVinci Ascent Review

This is now the bad boy of the vaporizer industry that vapes dry herbs, waxes and oils, all in one compact unit with crazy good performance. This is one vape review you absolutely must read!

The Ascent is discreet and stylish at the same time. With a 2 year warranty, functionality, and the style of a AAA class vaporizer, but there is a skeleton in the closet you need to know about because…

arizer solo

Arizer Solo Review

The Arizer Solo is one of the best vapes we’ve seen and it makes our top list because it comes with a lifetime warranty and is incredibly easy to use.

Don’t let this older looking model throw you, because that’s exactly what you will do if you underestimate the vaping power of this odd looking masterpiece.


Pax by Ploom

Known affectionately as “The Pax” by avid users, it’s a quality vape worthy of a top spot on this site. It’s sleek and pocket-sized for your convenience. Want to know how much battery life is left? Just shake it!

Speaking of shaking, this vaporizer shook the entire vaporizer market so hard that other vapes were seeing declines in sales, until people started to figure out that it was lacking in two specific…

Magic Flight Launch Box

Magic Flight Launch Box Review

The MFLB earns its name by being famous for some of the best vapor experiences to be had, especially for the price. It comes in different styles, is made in the United States, and has a lifetime warranty.

This magical device will save you money on product too! Efficient with little…they don’t call it magic for no reason.

AtmosRx Review

Formerly known as the Atmos Raw, this pen style vaporizer means business. A well known brand with a reputation to protect, Atmos provides vaporizers that stand tall against their competition and stand by their users with pride.

It’s rugged for on the go vaping and has battery life that last.

Zephyr Ion Close Up

Zephyr Ion Review

The Zephyr Ion may be one of the best desktop vaporizers we’ve seen in a while. The air never touches the heating coils and you can turn it on remotely with your phone!

The typical vape for the brainiacs that understand the science of vaping and the strains it’s best used with. One of the best medicinal vapes on the market today.