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Exceptional vapor quality that's consistent with every draw.

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The competition between portable vaporizers, such as the Vapir NO2 and Pax, is already hot enough… throw the Arizer Solo into the mix, and we’ve got an all-out fiery war. Portable vaporizers are sought after for their compact design primarily and also because of their affordability as compared to desktop vaporizers.

Price & Details

At around $220-230, the Arizer Solo is about the same price as the Pax and also features a lifetime warranty.

By using the link above, you’ll get:
1 Arizer Solo Vaporizer
1 Battery Charger
2 Diffusing Tubes/Draw Whips
1 Potpourri Dish
1 Aromatherapy Sample
1 Operating Manual

Ease of Use

Incredibly easy to use.

The interface is straightforward. Pressing simultaneously the up and down arrows and holding it for about one second will turn on the Arizer. You’ll hear a beep, the blue light under “Idle” will light up, and then lights along the numbers 1 through 7 will light up to indicate its charge. If all 7 light up, this indicates a full charge. Anything less, well, you can figure out the rest!

You manually set the heat by pushing up or down on the arrows, and upon choosing your number, a red LED light will blink to let you know the unit is heating up. The heating chamber is at the top of the unit, and the stem with herbs is placed into the slot.

Other noteworthy features include: rechargeable lithium ion battery and glass tubes.

The Experience

Exceptional vapor quality that’s consistent with every draw.

Unlike the Vapir NO2, the Arizer Solo cannot be charged and used simultaneously. Usually not a big deal, unless you’re one to forget to check up on the unit’s charge every now and then, which is quite hard to ignore with this unit since it lets you know what its charge is whenever you turn it on!

The experience of this vape alone landed it in our list of the top 10 best vapes today.

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Exceptional vapor quality that's consistent with every draw.

Additional Info

The Arizer Solo is accompanied by two glass stems: one is straight, the other has an angle. Overall, we thoroughly enjoyed the Solo and think it’s well worth its price in features and performance.