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DaVinci Ascent Portable Vaporizer Review

Elegance Defined!

The DaVinci Ascent is not your average vaporizer by any means. Imagine the comfort of sitting in the seat of a high end sports car…you get luxury and power that is 100% in your control!

There’s a reason we have it placed so high on our list of the best valued vapes on the market.

If you are looking for an excellent portable vaporizer that is discrete, yet pass as another piece of technology then the DaVinci Ascent vape is your poison.

The Ascent screams of luxury, making other vapes feel like pariahs of the vaping world. You can order it in wood grain, sleek black, and even alligator! Take that you scoundrel competitors!

With looks aside, we still love everything about the Ascent such as it’s LED display, it’s portability, it’s discretion factors, and never under estimates it’s awesome vaping power.

Unlike most vaporizers, this thing works with dry herbs, oils, and blends which will prevent you from having to buy several vapes for different materials.

This is the King of portable vaping, and there is no disputing it’s Majesty!

Price & Details

Priced in the same range as the Pax vaporizer in the $250 price range, it may seem a little expensive at first. But when you take into account the 2 year warranty it comes with as well as the ability to be utilized with herbs, oils, and waxes it’s worth every penny. Although, it would be nice to get that 10 year warranty that comes with the Pax at this price.

This well designed vaporizer has the looks, the mufti-functionality, and the 2 year warranty so there isn’t too much to complain about.

The Ascent Portable Vape includes:


  •     (1) Stealth Ascent Vaporizer
  •     (2) Glass Mouthpiece Stems
  •     (2) Glass Internal Stems
  •     (2) Glass Oil Jars
  •     (1) 110-240v Wall Charger
  •     (1) Carrying Satchel
  •     (1) Carrying case of your choice
  •     (1) 14mm or 18mm straight water tool adapter

Ease of Use

This vape is pretty simple to use and it only takes a minute or two to fully heat up. It also has a fairly large herb chamber and it hits with little to no resistance. It lasts close to 2 hours on a fully charged battery although, it does take about 4 hours to charge it all the way.

We also really like how the chamber just slides open and the mouthpiece just slides out as far as you need it to.

The Experience

The  Ascent produces a very good amount of vapor and it tastes really great. That is because of the internal glass parts that the vapor passes through before it gets to the mouthpiece.

Like any other vape, you have to keep in clean and this one is no different. If your taste is lacking, clean it and you’re off to the races again. You will get great taste, great vapor and mind blowing effects from this powerhouse.

You will likely need to clean it after every 5 to 6 vaping sessions for optimum performance and experience.

Overview & Final Thoughts

When you buy this vape, you are getting a lot more than a simple portable vaporizer, you are getting incredible styling, portability, power, control, multi-functionality and a great warranty.

This means awesome vapor that taste great, the power to vape at your desired temperature, elegant design that also brings functionality. it’s easy to clean and the effects will twist up you if you’re not careful, all while using a fraction of the material of dry herbs.

Concentrates such as oils and waxes are super efficient and clean, giving you much more for your investment in both the vape and your medicines.

You may think that the intro and introductory paragraphs were hype, but they stand true. As I stated earlier, this is the King of portable vaping, and there is no disputing it’s Majesty!

Check Out The Features



The DaVinci Ascent is compatible with herbs, waxes, and oils. Not many portable vaporizers can boast this!

Adjustable Temp

The best vapes on the market have adjustable temperatures and great OLED screens so you know just how hot your materials are getting. This one has both.

Carry Case

Having something to carry your vape around in is always a plus and this kit comes with a free scent-resistant carry case.

What's Included

  •     (1) Stealth Ascent Vaporizer
  •     (2) Glass Mouthpiece Stems
  •     (2) Glass Internal Stems
  •     (2) Glass Oil Jars
  •     (1) 110-240v Wall Charger
  •     (1) Carrying Satchel
  •     (1) Carrying case of your choice
  •     (1) 14mm or 18mm straight water tool adapter

How to Use

On top of the device, there is a power button. Press it and the OLED will turn on and display the temperature. If it doesn’t turn on, check the batteries.

On the other side of the unit, there is a feature that lets you increase or decrease the temp. Start around 380 to 385 degrees and go up or down from there, depending on what you’re about to vaporize.

The bottom of the Ascent opens up to reveal the herb chamber. Pack it lightly, don’t overfill! If you’re using oils or concentrates, use the glass oil can instead.

Close the herb chamber and press the heat button. It won’t take long for the unit to heat up. Give it about 10 seconds after heating up, then vape! Don’t forget to open it up and stir around the contents to make sure everything is used up.

The temperature should be higher for the concentrates, though, so keep that in mind if you’re using those.

The glass pieces in the Ascent should be removed every once in a while and soaked in isopropyl alcohol to be cleaned. This is a must for good flavor!

Tech and Specs

Colors: Customizable

Dimensions: 4.47” tall, 2.24” across, and 1.03” wide.

Weight: 6.8oz

Compatibility: Herbs, soft oils, hard oils, & glycerol liquids

Temperature Control: Digital. Also allows for complex programmable temperature patterns.

Battery Life: 3 hours

Removable bowl?: No

Heating Max Temp: 430°F

Time to Max Temp: About 55 seconds

Safety Features: Motion sensor and timer function for auto-shut off. 2 power buttons prevent it accidentally being turned on while in a pocket.


Can remove the Pyrex stem and screen for cleaning.

Can use while charging.

Hey, don't forget the free stuff!

Did I word it wrong up top? We worked hard to get this special offer for when you purchase the DaVinci Ascent. Don’t miss out!